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Types of  Ceremonies


Taking place at my home, couples are wed with minimalism in mind. Some wish to privately, legally wed prior to a trip abroad or before another life event. Show up with your marriage license and a witness or two (or one can be provided for you, if need be) and I will perform the basic minimum that is required of me by the state.


Short & Simple Nuptials:

Facilitated solely by the officiant, this ceremony is right to the point and may take place at your home or other outdoors or public/private location. Say "I do"s and exchange rings... eloquent, tasteful, and right to the point. Perfect for couples who are looking to avoid frills, or who are seeking something concise yet poignant.

Standard Ceremony:

Whether interreligious, humanist, or secular in nature, this ceremony typically starts with a welcoming and foundation, and includes the couple exchanging both vows--either "repeat-after-me" or personally-written vows--and rings. A hands ceremony may also be included, as well, and is quite moving and popular in humanist ceremonies.

Personalized Ceremony:

Follows the order of service mentioned above in the Standard Ceremony, however this would be personalized, meaning that the couple includes their storyline of how they met, includes personal or humorous details about their relationship, and could also include children that will be blended into the new family. Often times, couples include a parental honoring, as well. Distinctly unique (sometimes themed!), including one of the following: rose ceremony, wine bottle ceremony, tree planting ceremony, oathing stone ceremony, celtic handfasting, jumping the broom, or sand ceremony, which may be desired for families already with children. You name it, I design it!

Other Milestones  &  Life Services
Allow me to assist you in facilitating your family's other needs, whether it be a baby naming or renaming ceremony, coming-of-age celebration, end of life or memorial service for a loved one, or a divorce celebration (Yes, some celebrate that occasion). Whether religious, spiritual, or secular in nature, I have experience working with families in designing services that are special, tasteful, and just what you have in mind. Honoring your loved one will reflect through the service that is intended to celebrate him/her/them, while allowing those who are present to connect with that remarkable person.
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