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Having a Baby?          

Why not welcome your little one into this world with a baby-naming ceremony? Many Americans are familiar with traditional welcomings for baby, such as baptisms and christenings, as well as the bris. But, this is a great alternative for non-religious folks.


For those couples who wish for more informal gatherings, a baby-naming ceremony could be the perfect occasion. More common in the UK, this practice is gaining popularity here. Ceremonies typically include poems or readings, as well as having the honor of receiving a certificate for baby. These ceremonies can take place at anytime in the child's early years.


Renaming Ceremony

Starting in 2017, I have broadened the realm of "naming ceremony" to not only include babies, but also transgender, non-binary, and gender fluid individuals who have acquired their chosen name and wish to celebrate that moment. Naming ceremonies--and gender celebrations--also work for these individuals who wish to be honored with a "coming out" amidst family and friends. No matter the age, sometimes a formal acknowledgement is desired as one transitions. A gender celebration is a great way to honor and celebrate those who have transitioned and are celebrating themselves.


A good opportunity to gather everyone together to "meet the baby" for the first time, whether 4-6 weeks after baby is born or a few months later. Families can designate Guideparents (or guardians), which hold a special role similar to godparents. Planning on this style of meet-n-greet for baby gives you, as parents or guardians,  the time alone to bond with your new addition(s). And with the announcement of a date and time for your baby-naming ceremony, family and friends are likely to wait patiently until the naming ceremony to meet your little bundle(s) of joy.

End-of-Life &  Memorial Services 

I can assist you with honoring and respectfully celebrating the lives of those who are loved and will be missed. When it comes to honoring your loved one, I work with individuals and families to be sure that every significant detail is included in the service, whether it be mildly religious, completely secular, or humanist in-nature. Often times, family members and close friends wish to write eulogies or include specific poems, meaningful quotes, and significant readings. I assist family members and strive to accommodate everyone's needs. I can relate to the sometimes-overwhelming, unexpected tasks that suddenly need to be fulfilled, as well as the grief that exists and requires consolation. Allow me to assist and support in all ways possible with your family's end-of-life and memorial service needs.




I now perform animal companion memorial services, as well, for those families mourning the loss of their pets and who wish to honor them with a goodbye ceremony. Learn more about this honoring here.

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