About  Me

A native of the Mohawk Valley, I once lived in Houston, as well as New York City around the time of 9/11. After enlisting in the military and pursuing a path into law enforcement, I changed direction and obtained an SU bachelors degree in history and masters degree from UC in adolescent education. A public school teacher, I taught for several years in the Utica-Rome area before moving to Syracuse. Having previously taught world religions, I became familiar with others' customs, rituals, and cultures, which has provided me with helpful insight that ties into my role as a humanist chaplain and celebrant. Always a supporter and ally of the LGBTQ community and one who serves both religious and non-religious communities with their secular or interfaith ceremony needs.

I enjoy visiting the city parks, visiting historic sights, and exploring the Syracuse area, which has been my home for eight years now. Also a novice photographer, I have enjoyed participating in Syracuse's Southside, hosted by The Stand.  Fortunate enough to participate in this remarkable community event, here are some of my photos: