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Central New York's Wedding Officiant 

A native of the Mohawk Valley, Jessica once lived in Houston, as well as New York City around the time of 9/11 before making Syracuse her permanent home.  After enlisting in the military and pursuing a path into law enforcement, she changed direction; a graduate of Utica College, Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (Syracuse University) and Master of Science degree. She is dedicated to serving the public, as both a public school teacher and humanist celebrant who both officiates secular and interfaith weddings and performs secular memorial services. She is a member of the American Humanist Association (AHA), a board member of her local chapter of the AHA, and serves on the Board of Directors for The Humanist Society. Jessica is a progressive, secular humanist who dedicates much of her time to serving numerous communities in various capacities. She formerly served as executive co-chair of the Secular Coalition for New York and wrote op-ed pieces for Pique, Newsletter of the Secular Humanist Society of New York. Together with her spouse, they raise their children in a humanist-minded household where they proudly integrate The Ten Commitments into their daily routines.

Although non-religious now, Jessica was formerly confirmed as catholic, served as a humanist chaplain for three years, and was a teacher of world religions; through these experiences, she became familiar with others' customs, rituals, and cultures, which has provided her with helpful insight that ties into her role as a humanist celebrant. Always a supporter and ally of the LGBTQIA community and one who serves both religious and non-religious communities with their secular or interfaith ceremony needs, she is proud to serve various communities in multiple ways.  

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