About  Me

A native of the Mohawk Valley, I once lived in Houston, as well as New York City around the time of 9/11. After enlisting in the military and pursuing a path into law enforcement, I changed direction and obtained an SU bachelors degree in history and masters degree from UC in adolescent education. Now, a public school teacher, I taught for several years in the Utica-Rome area before moving to Syracuse and continuing my career as a teacher here in Onondaga County. Although non-religious now, I was formerly confirmed as catholic, a humanist chaplain for three years, and one who taught students about world religions and through these experiences, became familiar with others' customs, rituals, and cultures, which has provided me with helpful insight that ties into my role as a humanist celebrant. Always a supporter and ally of the LGBTQIA community and one who serves both religious and non-religious communities with their secular or interfaith ceremony needs, I am proud to serve various communities in multiple ways.

I enjoy visiting the city parks, visiting historic sights, and exploring the Syracuse area, which has been my home for almost nine years now. Also a novice photographer, I have enjoyed participating in Syracuse's Southside photo walks, hosted by The Stand.  Fortunate enough to participate in this remarkable community event, here are some of my photos: