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About Humanism...

"Humanism, for those who don’t know, is a positive ethical philosophy of life based on concern for humanity in general and for individuals in particular.  It is a view of life which combines reason with compassion. It is for those people who base their understanding of existence on the evidence of the natural world and its evolution, and not on belief in a supernatural power."                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Brian Whiteside


Humanism, for me, allows me to live my life in a way where I can be part of something bigger. I believe one of the reasons, for example, that I became a registered, end-of-life organ donor, as well as a routine blood donor, is because of my humanist roots. The easiest way for me to share my personal views on what it means to be humanist is to show you how humanism can exist in the household and in my life. Here are some examples of my involvement as a Humanist.


A few years back, I purchased about a dozen balls and shipped them to students at Kasese Humanist School in Uganda, Africa.














My husband deflated the balls for smaller packaging and our children helped pack them up to be shipped out. I reflected on the experience here and highly recommend others families to reach out to this school and see what items they may be in need of.

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